Turbo tip videos from Melett

Published:  28 May, 2020

 Melett has launched series of educational technical videos to illustrate common turbocharger failures, and to provide advice on how to prevent future issues.

The first video of the series gives advice on how to disassemble a turbocharger CHRA / cartridge/core assembly piece by piece, ready for inspection in order to identify why a turbocharger may have failed.

Another in the series explores the main causes of oil contamination, while showing the key warning signs, and how to prevent it leading to turbocharger failure. The latest addition looks at what causes insufficient lubrication, and how to detect it and avoid potential turbocharger damage.

Melett Head of Sales Darren Johnson said: “These videos address the main issues that customers experience on a daily basis and provide helpful hints and tips on how to prevent any potential failures. They communicate practical advice in a visual format that can be easily accessed and understood.”

Additional videos will be launched throughout the series covering other common failures and will be available to view via Melett’s website at www.melett.com/video/ and via its YouTube channel

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