Life after lockdown

By Mike Schlup, Managing Director of Kalimex |

Published:  05 June, 2020

While the lockdown is the reality for now, once restrictions ease, it will be time for mechanics and motorists to accelerate say Kalimex

For many mechanics, lockdown has seen the temporary closure of their business. But when we spring back to life professional motor mechanics will find themselves in more demand than ever. For many valid reasons.

New car sales have plummeted and there is no indication they are going to pick up. Understandably motorists are in save money /restricted budget mode. Repair and Revive as opposed to replace will be the growing trend. That shiny new model we’ve had our eye on will have to wait for another year.

Then there are DPFs. With diesel engine cars sitting on the drive or being taken out for short trips, problems with the DPF will become glaringly obvious when expected to perform as usual post-lockdown. It will not have escaped your attention the growing number of articles on professional forums predicting that DPF problems will be top of the list when motorists take to the road again. Contributors on this subject include Darren Darling the founder of The DPF Doctor Network.

Next you have to factor in the consequences of neglect, and the number of cars in need of imminent professional TLC. There will be thousands of cars overdue on their service not to mention those with faults that have largely been ignored while parked on the drive. Ignorance will no longer be bliss. Cars will need fixing and servicing.

This means that the professional motor mechanic will become a key worker - helping to keep cars on the road in good repair for longer.

The result:  Motorists will need you more than ever before.

 Kalimex has supplied trade quality products to the professional motor mechanic for 3 decades. Here are the top six trade trusted products to add to your list as you re-open for business.

K-Seal Multi-Purpose Coolant Leak Repair: The UKs bestselling, trade trusted coolant leak repair is a safe and reliable way to repair leaks in all parts of the cooling system. These leaks can often be expensive to repair so K-Seal is the solution for getting your customers back on the road until they can pay for a mechanical repair or replace the vehicle. And a repair made with K-Seal is guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine.

Quiksteel:  Already the choice of the UK’s leading roadside recovery services, Quiksteel is recognised globally as the best all round repair solution and a must have product for any mechanic. This industrial strength epoxy putty will bond to any hard surface and is ideal for repairing damaged fuel tanks, blowing exhausts, cracked sumps, leaking pipes and many other emergency vehicle faults. Quiksteel cures steel hard in minutes and withstands up to 300C.

With so many vehicles off the road or carrying out short journeys, diesels are suffering from neglect. DPFs will be clogging up with soot as they fail to regenerate correctly. JLM products from Kalimex offer a variety of maintenance and repair solutions to help get customers back on the road and keep them there - especially delivery drivers who depend on their vehicles. And with main dealers and DPF cleaning services not always available, the independent professional mechanic can use JLM products to carry out this work in house. It is worth noting that JLM develop products for the trade and they are tested by professional mechanics before launch.

Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner:  This preventative treatment is simply added to the fuel to clean out the fuel system, improve emissions and keep exhaust filters clean. There are separate dedicated formulas for both diesel and petrol. Motorists should use this on a regular basis, especially for low mileage vehicles, to maintain optimal performance.

DPF Cleaner:  The most powerful fuel borne treatment containing Platinum and Cerium will safely and effectively help the DPF to regenerate at a lower temperature, removing soot and restoring performance. Use at the first warning light and help your customers avoid expensive trips to the main dealer.

Professional DPF Cleaning Toolkit:  Once the DPF is overloaded with soot, which is expected to happen more frequently due to low mileage journeys, the vehicle will go into limp mode. Rather than sending customers to a main dealer or sending the DPF offsite for cleaning, you can use the JLM DPF Clean and Flush Toolkit to clear the DPF without having to remove it from the vehicle. This saves customers time and money and you keep all the work in house.

Diesel Extreme Clean:  This incredible product incorporates a dose of almost every professional JLM formula making it the perfect tonic for diesels that have been neglected for some time. A single treatment will clean the fuel tank to the exhaust including injectors, upper cylinder and EGR. It even contains a shot of DPF regen additive to help clear out the filter.

JLM products will help keep your customers on the road. Of course, as the ultimate professional you identify the underlying cause of any symptom and whenever possible rectify the cause to prevent repeat problems. With JLM products you can help repair diesel issues and clean parts such as DPFs and EGRs. And this enables your customers to keep their vehicles in good shape and on the road for longer.

For more information or to find your nearest supplier visit  Email or call 01273 89162.

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