“Wiper” away your worries: TRICO highlights upselling opportunities

Published:  08 June, 2020

TRICO is reminding garages that upselling wipers can be a handy additional income stream at a time when other work at an all-time due to COVID-19 and the MOT extension.

TRICO is advising that when carrying out any vehicle repair, as well as when undertaking a scheduled service, technicians should check the condition of consumables such as wiper blades, to see if they need replacing.

TRICO’s Senior Brand & Product Manager Sam Robinson said: “Even though they’re safety critical items, wiper blades can often be over looked by technicians and, because they wear gradually, their performance rarely considered by drivers. However, when it rains, they are completely reliant on their wipers to clear the screen and provide the vision they need to drive safely and so they should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary, although we’d recommend a new set at least once a year, irrespective of their condition.

“Drivers do not rush to a workshop for new wiper blades at the best of times, so, particularly in light of the drop off in MOT tests, technicians need to be proactive. They are not expensive items and once highlighted of the facts, drivers are generally willing to have them replaced, which is where we step in to provide the premium quality products required.”

Sam added: “By fitting a pair of our OE quality wiper blades, selected from a wide range of options including conventional, hybrid, beam and rear, technicians and drivers can be assured of their effectiveness and reliability in any situation.”

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