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Published:  06 July, 2020

DENSO’s webinar programme is continuing to expand, with two more sessions on air conditioning and thermal management on the slate for July, and three further dates for oxygen sensors scheduled for later in the month. Spark plugs will be coming in August too as the number of product categories covered grows.

The programme was introduced in response to the Coronavirus crisis to provide technicians with ongoing training while lockdown measures were in place, and it has grown in popularity according to DENSO Europe Pan European Strategic Marketing Manager Fatiha Laauich: “Due to their combination of tips and advice, as well as guidance concerning common faults and reasons for failure, the first series of webinars were not only well received by technicians, but their timing couldn’t have been better with the unseasonably good weather and the easing of the lockdown restrictions meaning motorists started to return to the road.”

She continued: “The additional modules, which include first oxygen sensors and then spark plugs, are both highly relevant subjects that due to the vital role they play in ensuring vehicle emissions comply with Government requirements and MOT certification, as well to provide the optimum in terms of fuel economy for motorists, made them the obvious choice.

“They will again be presented by our highly respected European specialist team, who have enormous technical knowledge and experience. They are very comfortable with technical presentations, as has been evident with the popularity of the air conditioning and thermal management webinars, they can engage technicians by providing a combination of best practice principles and specialist mechanical knowhow, presented in a natural and relatable style.

Fatiha  added: “Ultimately though, the purpose behind the webinar programme is to inform and educate the audience to enable technicians and the workshops they represent, to improve the service they provide for their customers and help to assure the long-term future of their businesses.”

To to sign up to the webinar programme and book a slot through the training calendar, visit:  

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