Scrappage definitely NOT happening: IAAF receives confirmation

Published:  02 September, 2020

The prospect of a vehicle scrappage scheme, which was mooted during the late spring as a potential way to boost the UK automotive sector, has been decisively quashed.

The IAAF recently received confirmation from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) that the government has no plans to introduce a vehicle scrappage scheme.

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive said: “This is fantastic news for the independent aftermarket and also demonstrates the power of IAAF lobbying activity. We believe a scrappage scheme would have put an unnecessary burden on the motorist and removed many environmentally friendly vehicles from UK roads.

“The IAAF’s argument was based on previous experience from 2009, when the scrappage scheme removed 400,000 serviceable vehicles from the aftermarket, with more than 90% of vehicles sold under the scheme originating from non-UK factories. In 2020, the situation remained largely the same with more than 80 percent of cars sold in the UK being imported.”

Wendy added: “As the UK aftermarket also employs approximately 347,000 people as opposed to just 186,000 in vehicle manufacturing, employment in the independent automotive aftermarket would also have been damaged by a scrappage scheme and jeopardised thousands of repair businesses.”

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