Better than ever: New webinar from Andy Savva and VARTA

Published:  16 October, 2020

The Garage Inspector Andy Savva and VARTA have teamed up for a new webinar, where the importance of the battery within the car is highlighted.

In the video, Andy, who is Brand Ambassador for VARTA, talks to VARTA Technical Representative Matt King about how the battery is the heart of the car in modern vehicles, and why it's essential that technicians should test the battery whenever a vehicle is in the workshop. This is especially important coming into winter.

VARTA have been highlighting as part of their Back To Better campaign, that by testing the battery and sharing the status with the customer, you are giving them peace of mind and avoid them breaking down in the cold due to a weak battery.

They also discuss the free-to-access VARTA Partner Portal and how workshops can benefit from this online tool. The portal recommends the correct battery for every vehicle, the location of the battery within the vehicle, how long each battery change should take per model, and step-by-step replacement instructions and other helpful tips.

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