Small gains key to garage growth says TechMan

Published:  22 February, 2021

Small gains from greater garage efficiency can result in noticeable improvements to bottom line figures, according to GMS provider TechMan.

Leo Freebairn of TechMan commented: “When it comes to streamlining business processes you could be forgiven for assuming it’ll take significant investment and cause much disruption. Such concerns would have you think twice about tackling short comings that you’ll likely already be aware of but it needn’t be that way. With TechMan’s continual analysis of all business processes, workshops can adapt and make efficiencies through small improvements. Take time for example, whether it be the time it takes to perform an admin task or how long a technician spends on a job, small gains here can produce surprisingly impressive results.”

An example of a system offering helping garages is the integration of the LKQ Euro Car Parts catalogue into TechMan’s GMS system.

TechMan’s latest release has also brought Haynes Pro technical to all users, which brings identification, repair and maintenance information without the need to purchase multiple licenses.

Leo concluded: “Streamlining workshop operations is now a major priority for an increasing number of independents but it’s important to remember that the process is an on-going one. What was todays fix can soon become tomorrow’s pain and having a process in place to stay on top of change can be crucial, partnering with forward-thinking businesses that can do some of this thinking for you is always a huge advantage.”

For an in-depth look at the issue, check out TechMan’s article in the February issue of Aftermarket magazine.

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