White-knuckle Spring predicted for garages as MOTs shift into late Summer and beyond

Published:  18 March, 2021

Very few MOTs are expected to be taking place in April and May this year as a result of 2020’s MOT Exemption, but the situation is expected to normalise by the summer, new figures suggest.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the DVSA by BookMyGarage.com, show MOT test numbers dropped by 79% last April and 61% in May. Although the MOT Exemption was in place until the end of July, test numbers were down by just 16% in June, 4% in July, and by August had surpassed 2019 by 9%.

MOTs tend to lead to service bookings for workshops according to BookMyGarage, where its booking data suggests 70% of motorists book both together. Karen Rotberg, Co-Founder of BookMyGarage.com commented: “Overall, the news is more positive than originally feared. We recognise that April and May will be difficult months for the industry but importantly we know MOT numbers will have recovered by the summer. “It’s also worth remembering that 2021 will not be an exact reflection of 2020. MOT due dates are determined by factors beyond when the last MOT took place, such as when used cars get sold with a fresh MOT and by three-year-old cars which will be having their first MOT this year and were therefore immune to last year’s extension.”

With the franchised sector also affected by after-shocks from the Exemption, BookMyGarage is also looking to enable dealers tap the older vehicle market. Karen observed: “Our SecretService offering is allowing franchised dealers the opportunity to bridge the revenue gap between now and the summer by attracting MOT and service bookings from vehicles aged four to 10 years old. This is particularly important at a time when sales of new cars continue to underperform due to the current restrictions in place and dealers seek to optimise revenue streams elsewhere.”

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