Pothole damage costs rise as average mileage falls

Published:  01 April, 2021

While average mileage for most drivers has been down by 42% over the last year, according to new research the cost from pothole damage actually rose over the same period, reaching £1.267 billion compared to £1.249bn for the year to March 2020.

This year’s Kwik Fit’s PIT (Pothole Impact Tracker) Report shows that drivers have hit an average of 11 potholes per month, with 10.2 million suffering damage to their car as a result. Tyres are the most commonly damaged component, suffered by 4.2 million drivers. This is followed by 3 million suspension damage incidents, 2.8 million bashed wheels and 2 million bouts of broken steering.

Repairs have cost £127.20 on average, up 11% on the previous year. Although fewer drivers have experienced damage, the rise in average repair costs has pushed up the national repair bill. 48% of drivers said that the condition of the road surfaces in their area are worse than the year before, with just 12% saying they are better.

Roger Griggs, Communications Director at Kwik Fit, said: “We are all very aware of the massive shock there has been to the public finances as a result of the pandemic. However, the condition of our roads is a long-term issue as shown by our PIT report over recent years. Potholes are not just an issue because of the cost to drivers, they present a risk to people’s safety. We need to ensure that any funds made available are used strategically and effectively and not just for short term patching up of the worst affected areas.”

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