MOT exemption: 1.86 million cars now have expired MOTs

Published:  22 April, 2021

1.86 million cars may be on the roads illegally as a result of owners ignoring the fact that the MOT Exemption relating to their car has expired, and that they need a test urgently.

Figures from the DVSA show that following the issue of MOT exemptions during the first lockdown, 19.5% of those vehicles have yet to be retested. While the last cars to receive an exemption have now overshot their extended expiry date, 1.86 million vehicles still have not had a MOT performed. Analysis by Kwik Fit suggests that these 1.86 million vehicles have not had a valid MOT for an average of 3.4 months.

Across the Kwik Fit network, the MOT failure rate is 10% lower than normal, suggesting that it is the cars which are more likely to fail their MOT which are not being tested. On this basis, the fast-fit chain estimated that at least 600,000 of these cars are not currently roadworthy.

Commenting on the findings, Kwik Fit MOT Scheme Manager Eric Smith, said: “It may be that shifting the expiry dates with the extension has caused the MOT to slip from drivers’ minds, or perhaps they have been using their car so little that they have forgotten about having it tested. Some owners may think that because they’ve not been using their car it will be just as they left it, however parts will rust or wear with little use, bulbs may fail or windscreen wipers start to perish. We would urge drivers to make sure they are both safe and legal before heading out on to the road as restrictions ease.”

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