DVSA issues updated MOT Testing Guide

Published:  21 May, 2021

The DVSA has released an update to the MOT testing guide, which explains how the scheme is run, lays out the rules for Authorised Examiners and Testers, and details the facilities and equipment a Testing Station needs.

Commenting on the new version, GEA Chief Executive Julian Woods said: “The following points in our option are of interest to equipment suppliers / maintainers.”

• Section B B4.4 b, Clarification on continued testing following a malfunction of wheel free play detectors, now allowed seven calendar days doing manual two-person testing then must stop testing.

• Section B4 para 6 & Section D 3.2 Para 3, DVSA must be informed of all new connected equipment being installed.

• Section D para 6 addition of EGA & DSM to connected equipment lists.

• Appendix 8.4 2a, any major items of equipment unable to fulfil its functions or missing mandatory updates will incur sanctions against the AE.

With regards to Section B B4.4b, Julian observed: “This not a new requirement, but a reminder; any items of connected equipment which fails to connect to MTS but otherwise is performing correctly has seven calendar days to correct the error or must stop testing.”

He added: “The testers guide does include other updates for MOT sites to be aware of. These can be viewed in the ‘What’s Changed’ section of the published document.”

Full testing guide can be found at

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