74% of garages hit by MOT exemption slump

Published:  14 June, 2021

The ongoing impact of 2020’s MOT exemption had been laid bare in a survey that found that 74% of garages saw their business decrease in April 2021.

The survey, which was performed by Impression Communications, examined the outcome of the MOT exemption, and also revealed that 48% of garages had used the furlough scheme in April. Conversely, 51% were unaware of how the government’s super deduction capital allowance could work for their business.

On the subject of the DVSA’s SAFE campaign, encouraging motorists back into workshops running in April and May, just 50% of garages aware of the initiative.

Looking ahead, 51% of garages said they were “optimistic” about the future, with 60% predicting that staffing levels within their business would to stay the same over the next six months. Looking longer term though, just 37% of garages currently employed apprentices.
Finally, on EVs, 25% of garages said they were currently trained on how to service and repair electric vehicles and a further 53% of garages were interested in embracing training on EVs.

Commenting on the survey, Impression Communications Director Mark Field said: “Without question the automotive aftermarket supply chain has performed admirably throughout the pandemic, but the effects of the MOT extension have had widespread and far-reaching consequences. Positively and with support, independent garages are ready and willing to train and develop their business capabilities in order to embrace future opportunities in vehicle repair & maintenance, digitalisation and effective communication with motorists.”

To view the full survey, go to: https://impressionuk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Garage-Survey-2021-Bar-Charts.pdf

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