Recycler processes millionth tyre

Published:  30 June, 2021

North-West recyclers BIG ATOM recently processed its one millionth tyre in just three years in its first step towards a fully sustainable operation.

The site is now licenced to process 2,500,000 tyres a year. Once collected from garages across the North West and North Wales, worn tyres are shredded and fed to a granulation line where the rubber is downsized and steel separated.

Around 50% of its recycled products is rubber for equestrian arenas and the construction industry, 20% is recovered steel and the rest is further processed to go into school playground surfacing and the like.

Company founder Alexander Guslisty said: “We have achieved a lot and the 1,000,000th tyre is a nice milestone, but we see this as the start and there’s still a lot of work to be done.”
His ultimate aim is to bring an end to waste entirely by creating a circular economy for polymer materials: “There is a problem with waste travelling thousands of miles on ships which we don’t have control over. We believe that we can solve this problem through our processes.”

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