Bestselling marketing author supports DPF Doctor Network

Published:  15 June, 2021

In a collaboration supported by Kalimex, bestselling marketing author Dee Blick is working with Darren Darling, founder of The DPF Doctor Network, to provide marketing knowhow to his members.

The initiative sees Dee, who is also the longstanding retained marketer of Kalimex, provide top marketing tips in a series of tailored videos accompanied by the one-page-plans she has become glbally renowned for.

Commenting on the joint venture, Dee said: “Kalimex and I have worked with Darren for several years and have witnessed first-hand how he has grown his network of DPF doctors and built an incredible reputation worldwide. It was during a three-way conversation with Darren that we began talking about the importance of marketing. Darren shared this was an area where his members would really appreciate some guidance and direction. On the back of that conversation this new project was born.”

Darren Darling added: “It’s fantastic to have a marketer of Dee’s calibre working with our members. She carries a positive marketing message, demonstrating on a step-by-step basis how our members can build their business on the strong foundation of her proven shoestring principles. The response from our network to Dee’s first two videos and one-page support plans has been incredible. It helps too that she has decades of experience working with mechanics in the automotive sector, so she understands the opportunities and the challenges that we face on the marketing front. I can see only good things coming from this and we are grateful to Kalimex for their ongoing support.”

For further information please contact Colin Benzie 

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