The measure of a car or van: IAAF campaigns on access to data

Published:  25 June, 2021

The IAAF has teamed up with a pan-continental coalition representing the automotive aftermarket in Europe, including FIGIEFA, which is calling on the EU to accept a proposal for a Secure On-board Telematics Platform (S-OTP), allowing access for independent service providers when legislating on access to in-vehicle data.

The proposal is designed to protect the interests of the independent garage sector, and by extension also protect broad consumer choice. With the advent of the connected car, competition now starts in the vehicle where the ability to access car data, functions and resources determines the quality of the service.

To remain competitive, service providers have to be able to compete with vehicle manufacturers, some of whom impose methods that prevent access to in-vehicle data.

FIGIEFA has said it is the only solution to safeguard consumer choice, effective competition and independent entrepreneurship in a secure and technology-neutral manner.

In the detailed document, “Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access: Secure On- board Telematics Platform Approach”, technical information publishers, body repairers, dealers, workshops, garage equipment suppliers, tyre manufacturers, recovery companies, parts distributors and leasing and rental companies, as well as consumers, provide technical and commercial arguments in favour of the proposals.

The latest document follows previous manifestos published in 2018 and 2019. The initial concept has been supplemented to consider the increased cyber-security requirements, by including certification of service providers and a robust approach to the development of secure applications.

Commenting on the proposal, IAAF Chief Executive Wendy Williamson said: “For many years now, it has been proven that a standardised interoperable telematics platform can be safe, robust and secure. IAAF will continue to campaign and lobby the UK government, highlighting that the current in-vehicle access platforms – controlled and operated by the vehicle manufacturers – restricts businesses from embracing digital opportunities, and jeopardises consumer choice, innovation and a growing economy.”

Following the UK’s withdrawal of the EU, the IAAF is working alongside other bodies across to bring the campaign to the attention of the UK government.

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