DENSO adds spark to e-Learning platform

Published:  06 July, 2021

DENSO has added a new module dedicated to spark plugs to its online e-Learning educational platform.

Commenting on the development, DENSO Europe Pan European Strategic Marketing Manager Fatiha Laauich said: “The e-Learning platform, and the associated League of True Mechanics (LOTM) annual competition, is a key part of this educational ethos. As spark plugs are core to the company’s overall product portfolio, the addition of a new module focusing on them, is a logical step.”

Fatiha continued: “Although often over looked in favour of oxygen sensors and other electronic hardware, the spark plug is one of the primary components that VMs have relied upon to help reduce engine emissions in line with the requirements of governments globally. In the same way, advanced products such as the DENSO Iridium TT twin tip spark plug range, help workshops reduce the exhaust emissions on their customers’ vehicles, in order to conform with modern MOT testing requirements, for example.

“The latest spark plug webinar not only explains how these benefits are achieved, but also many technical aspects of spark plug replacement that are frequently overlooked and which, together, improve efficiencies, as well as the level of customer service that a workshop can provide.”

She added: “We therefore positively encourage technicians to sign up to the e-Learning platform where they can not only find free educational material covering multiple product groups in addition to spark plugs, but also to join the LOTM competition and be in with the chance of winning a number of outstanding prizes.”

To sign up, go to:

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