EVs and hybrids surge in popularity over last 12 months

Published:  27 July, 2021

11% of drivers planning to change their car expect its replacement to be fully electric, up from 8% in 2020 according to new research. When including hybrids, the research from Kwik Fit shows that the number looking for a low emission vehicle next time rises to 37%, a up from from 33% a year ago.

65% of drivers in London are considering switching to either a hybrid or fully electric, while in the North East it is 49%. In Scotland, just 24% would opt for a low emission car next time.

On the deterrents to going fully electric, the study found that the biggest factor, cited by 38% was the lack of fast charging points. This rose to 51% among drivers in Wales, and 50% in Yorkshire. In the North East, South West, South East and Scotland, the perceived higher cost is the greatest barrier. For drivers in the West Midlands and the East of England, their biggest concern is range.

Commenting on the findings, Kwik Fit Communications Director Roger Griggs said: “This research shows that over the last twelve months car buyers appear to have passed a tipping point in the switch to electric cars. However, although consideration of low emission models has overtaken that for petrol and diesel there is clearly still a lot to do to convince some drivers. Some barriers to consideration can be put down to misperception or a lack of up to date knowledge and the industry must work together to address those areas. But it is also vital that there is visible investment made in the charging infrastructure to ensure that drivers have the confidence to make the switch.”

Kwik Fit now has over 570 technicians qualified to work on EVs, and the company said it has the capacity to train around 40 additional technicians each month.Roger added: “At Kwik Fit we have been heavily investing in our EV capability to provide drivers with the reassurance that they will be able to get their car repaired across our network, whatever type of fuel it uses.”

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