Study: Mass EV adoption won’t come in time for 2030

Published:  20 August, 2021

Mass adoption of electric vehicles is unlikely to happen by 2030, with the fact that EVs with a real-world range of around 300 miles will not be available at the mainstream-friendly £21,620 price-point until at least that date being a major stumbling block, according to a new report by GoCompare.

The report found that public charging infrastructure will need to improve for drivers to make the switch. The UK at present has a ratio of 205 EVs per public rapid charger. By 2030, the ration will be 197 EVs per rapid charger, which is only a slight improvement.

Scotland is set to be the best place to own an EV in 2030, with seven out of the projected top 10 council areas for public rapid charger availability are found north of the border. In contrast, Portsmouth is set to be the worst place to own an EV.

GoCompare Motoring Expert Ryan Fulthorpe at GoCompare commented: “It’s great to see that more people will be buying EVs over the next ten years, but significant improvements in infrastructure will be needed to support the increased uptake. Our research highlights that some areas may not have the number of chargers needed to support the amount of EVs there, which could be problematic for those looking to complete long-distance journeys. Without more investment, the mainstream adoption of EVs in the UK will have significant challenges ahead.”

GoCompare estimated there will be 952,260 registered EVs in the UK by the end of 2021, which is expected to increase to 3.8 million by 2031.

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