Fuel shortages affected half of drivers

Published:  22 October, 2021

47% of drivers struggled to get fuel during the recent forecourt shortages, according to research from Kwik Fit. The company’s survey of 2,000 drivers extrapolated that 8.5 million drivers would have decided against making at least one car journey, with 2.9 million drivers probably staying off the roads entirely during the crisis.

According to the survey, 75% of London-based drivers said they were affected, with 61% in the East of England and 54% in the South East experiencing inconvenience. Experiences elsewhere were very different, with 77% of drivers in Scotland and 71% in the North East saying they were unaffected. In terms of an impact on driver behaviour, 14% drove more slowly to minimise fuel consumption, while 11% traveled by bike or on foot instead. 8% switched to public transport, while 4% went for car-sharing.

Commenting on the results, Kwik Fit Communications Director Roger Griggs said: “There have been differences of opinion over the causes of the fuel supply problems and how they could have been avoided, but it’s clear from this research that there needs to be a robust plan for the longer term.”

He added: “With half of all drivers being impacted by local shortages it’s going to be unsustainable for people’s work, family and social lives if these issues are repeated.”

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