TPS to offer Vehicle Vision Aftersales video system

Published:  30 November, 2021

TPS is set to offer Vehicle Vision’s Aftersales service camera software to its 2,000 independent garage customers.

The system enables independent garages to create pre-recorded walk-around videos for their customers. Following a pilot scheme run during 2020, the system will be rolled out nationally.

Commenting on the new offering, Warren Richards from Volkswagen Group said: “The initial trial of the system has proved very successful. It has added value to our relationships with our customers and additional sales and increased efficiencies across our customers businesses. The customer feedback has been great, with many of the independent garages trialling it impressed by its ability to aid customer transparency, assist customer conversations and ultimately convert sales.”

Warren added: “It’s another tool in the TPS kit to help our customers be Genuine Heroes to their customers.”

For more information on Vehicle Vision’s Aftersales video systems, visit

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