E10: Teething trouble?

The introduction of E10 is already causing some issues for drivers, but there are a number of options for garages looking to help customers

Published:  05 January, 2022

As part of the UK’s pledge to meet its net-zero emissions target by 2050, and to align with European fuel standards, E10 is now the country’s standard grade of petrol. Available at the pumps since the start of September, the new fuel contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, instead of the previous 5%, in a bid to improve efficiency and support the continued drive to reduce emissions. As sensible as that sounds on paper, the introduction of E10 has not gone without its teething problems.
For starters, only cars that are compatible with E10 are able to run on it. The RAC recently reported that there could be as many as 6,000 vehicles on our roads that experience some form of issue with using E10 petrol, typically because they have older engines and fuel systems that can be corroded and/or blocked by the ethanol.

Diagnosing the issue
Breakdown companies are already briefing their teams on what to look for with E10, and with a potential increase in failures of engines and fuel systems, garages should make sure their technicians are also in the know – and ready to correctly identify and resolve any issues.
Diagnostics are important here, as the faults caused by E10 could easily be confused with battery or other engine-related failures. We offer a range of diagnostic tools, providing technicians with the capability to pinpoint the exact reason for a breakdown or running issue, and to help guarantee a first-time fix.
We’ve also reviewed our stock and pricing on the key fuel parts that are most likely to be affected by E10, like pumps, filters and even injectors, to ensure we have the right part, at the right price, available immediately.

A long-term solution
Once garages have fixed any problems caused by E10 use, they can then send the customer away with a simple solution that will stop them from arising again – thanks to Wynn’s E10 Protector, the latest addition to our product range.
A dose in the fuel tank before each time a vehicle is refuelled with E10 petrol will lubricate and protect the vehicle’s entire fuel system, stabilise the fuel and prevent oxidation, and restore engine performance and fuel economy. Helping drivers take charge of the situation and prevent ongoing problems is a great way for garages to drive loyalty and trust. If drivers are struggling to cover the cost of an unexpected repair bill, our Payment Assist scheme lets them pay in instalments – helping garages resolve potentially high-value failures and get their customers back on the road.
Ultimately, we’re here to help ensure the independent garages we support can service every vehicle to the highest standard, and never have to turn away a job.

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