Green is good

In the first in a new series of articles, Martin Brown from Repairify Innovations looks at the rise and rise of parts recycling

Published:  22 July, 2022

 By Martin Pinnell-Brown, Director, Repairify Innovations

Green parts, which are made up of undamaged and reusable parts of end-of-life and written-off vehicles, are an area within the automotive aftermarket that has grown over the last few years.
This growth is highlighted in a survey by Allianz which found that 69% of respondents would choose the option of a green replacement part to repair their vehicle, as green parts are becoming more accepted by consumers. This means businesses are using them more and are benefiting from the advantages associated with using them.

The first is the price compared to a new OEM part from the manufacturer. The second is availability. In the UK, there is an extensive availability of green parts due to cars being built-in bulk and factors such as eBay, which has entered the market, so there are more avenues to go down to find the right part to carry out the repair. This combination means businesses can source what is required unless the vehicle that needs the part has been produced in very limited numbers. The third is environmental sustainability, which is a huge focus for the automotive sector. This benefit is simply highlighted by the fact that when a green part is purchased, it prevents a new part being manufactured and this, in turn, leads to a rather large saving when it comes to energy and resources.
These benefits are all well and good but there are also some issues that need to have a light shined on them. One of them is that a rather large number of green parts have an electric module in them that is programmed for a specific vehicle or VIN code. This means if a part is installed on a new vehicle, there is the possibility it may prevent the vehicle from starting. There is a potential way around the issue through ensuring the part is calibrated correctly requiring OEM software and only if the manufacturer allows access. To combat this issue is where a business like Repairify can provide a solution with its asTech devices. It is perfectly placed to help with its highly qualified staff that offer remote support and services with cloud-based technologies that enable the bodyshop and mechanical customers to rely on them to help them calibrate components and programme vehicles back to OEM standards safely and quickly.
Overall, we understand that the green parts industry is going to continue to grow as second-hand does not mean the second rate. However, it is important to have the relevant insights, experience, and tools to ensure everything runs smoothly when using green parts.

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