Rocketing fuel prices reinforce role of technician

The precipitous increase in the price of fuel during 2022 has made customers realise how technicians can help them

Published:  24 October, 2022

With global fuel prices rising at an alarming rate and with no imminent signs of any significant reduction, vehicle maintenance is now vital. If motorists are aiming for maximum miles from their tank, they can’t afford to overlook vehicle servicing, maintenance, and repairs. No more ignoring the early warning signs or delaying a service. It all points to the importance of the independent technician as the trusted go-to professional.
“Driving fuel efficiently is a subject of significant interest,” said Mike Schlup, MD of Kalimex, the UK distributors of the JLM Lubricants’ range of products. “However, if a tank of fuel is to last longer then vehicle maintenance is more important than simply swapping poor driving habits for good ones. The professional independent technician holds the keys when it comes to attaining optimum vehicle health, because a healthy vehicle burns less fuel. This means choosing high quality additives from the JLM range when they reduce or remove the need for a replacement part and when they enhance the overall service offering.
“JLM is globally renowned for collaborating with top-flight technicians so that new products are road-tested and evaluated in real workshops before they are launched. Darren Darling, founder of the world acclaimed, independent DPF Doctor Network is a JLM brand ambassador, but Darren was putting JLM products through their paces and recommending JLM products long before he accepted this role. So JLM’s focus is very much on developing additives and lubricants that have been evaluated by world-leading technicians on the most challenging vehicles. If motorists want to run their car fuel efficiently and keep repair and service bills down, they must trust their technician to use premium quality additives whenever possible. Take the JLM GDI Cleaner for example. It cleans the tip of the injector of direct fuel injected engines, with more efficient fuel injection and less fuel consumption as a result. With gasoline direct injection, the injectors get dirty and cook on a regular basis over a period of time. This product is used on many vehicles including ones technicians class as hopeless cases. Used every 20,000 km it will keep the injectors clean and will play a crucial part in improved fuel economy.”

Mike continued: “Another JLM product, Petrol Extreme Clean will improve fuel economy. It’s the solution to late model cars and engines with severe build-up blocking problems in various parts of the fuel system. These contaminations are tough and hard to dissolve with regular fuel additives. This product is suitable for all petrol engines including direct injection with or without a turbo or catalytic converter. The special detergent in the JLM formulation cleans the fuel system including injectors, inlet and outlet valves, spark plugs and combustion chamber. The net effects are lower deposits of combustion residues in the cylinder and cleaner exhaust gases; The octane number boosted by 2-4 points plus an increase in engine power with better fuel economy. All this from a product that is added to the fuel tank before refueling.
“For diesel vehicles, JLM have the diesel equivalent, aptly named Diesel Extreme Clean. This cleans the entire fuel system with lower emissions and fuel consumption as a result. It is also powerful enough to clear soot accumulation from the DPF, EGR and turbo vanes. Another product from the JLM stable, the Diesel Injector Cleaner makes light work of the tough job of cleaning the injectors, again saving fuel and restoring engine power.”

Often when a car is being serviced, the oil is changed. This opens up an opportunity, as Mike observed: “When a technician adds the JLM Engine Oil Flush Pro to the old oil before adding the new, then even old and very dirty engines are cleaned with a corresponding improvement in engine performance and a reduction in fuel consumption.
“Motorists cannott fight the price at the pumps. So, they must trust their technician to keep their vehicle in tip top condition because they also have access to best of breed maintenance and prevention products that will keep workshop bills down. By choosing JLM products, a technician can also increase their revenues with rinse and repeat sales at service, maintenance, and repair. Technicians are also telling us that motorists are now really looking for products they can use between workshop visits to keep their vehicle in good health. They are buying these products from their local garage because of the relationship they have. It takes the guesswork out of standing in front of a shelf of ‘me too’ products and walking away with something that is not up to the task. This of course builds even more sales in the workshop and a healthy additional income.

Mike concluded: “It is no coincidence that to date, this year has been our best ever for JLM products and our biggest customers are technicians buying JLM from their local motor factor stockist. Technicians can choose JLM products with confidence because they have heard great things about the brand; They have read about the products in good quality trade publications such as Aftermarket and if they are not presently using JLM products they are open to a conversation and they invariably know a technician who’s a raving fan. Their next step is putting some of JLM’s hero products through their paces. We welcome those conversations.”
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