Premium quality turbos from Nissens Automotive

Published:  10 November, 2022

Nissens Automotive (Nissens) first introduced turbos into its aftermarket programme in 2018, as part of a dedicated plan to expand the Nissens Engine Efficiency & Emissions range, to offer the independent sector a premium replacement proposition that reflects the high Genuine Nissens Quality standards of its existing product groups, particularly concerning thermal management, where it has an excellent reputation, not only for the quality of its parts, but also the technical support it provides.

Alongside its objective to develop a range of exceptional quality, Nissens has added convenience for both the motor factor and workshop, as all its turbos are brand new units that do not require the return of the old unit or are subject to any surcharge. In addition, they are easy to install, as any necessary ancillary items – gaskets, stretch bolts and clips, prime oil, etc. – are included in the box, which makes fitting them a straightforward process, particularly as comprehensive fitting instructions in both printed and online formats are also provided.

Beside the quality of the programme, another important aspect for motor factors, in common with their workshop customers, is the depth of range and here again Nissens hits the mark. The constantly growing offering, which currently consists of more than 270-part numbers, is also increasing in its coverage of the vehicle parc, presently standing at 3,200 OE references that, in addition to PC and LCV applications, also includes trucks. This is already 51% of the UK market, but will rise to 68% over the course of the next 12 months.

This range expansion naturally includes the newest models and the latest technology, so besides wastegate and variable turbos with pneumatic actuation, the company has recently developed a line of 23 turbos with electronic actuation, dedicated to the newest Euro 5 and 6 engines.
With the cooperation with experts within the field of electrification, several e-Actuator turbos in the Nissens range for the latest Euro 5 and 6 engines, are equipped with OE-manufactured electric units from well-known German manufacturer HELLA. This actuator solution ensures the precise and reliable control of company’s variable geometry turbos.

Turbo assembly ends with the precise calibration of the electrical unit to allow the electrical actuator to deliver the necessary fine-tuned turbo flow control, which is needed for modern engines operating in various working parameters and specific applications.

The Nissens turbo offering falls within the company’s Engine Efficiency & Emissions product category, which also includes intercoolers, EGR valves, modules and coolers, as well as turbo oil feed pipes that enable technicians to complete a full and thorough turbo replacement, by ensuring the new unit is correctly and reliably lubricated.

In addition to great products and depth of range, Nissens also supports technicians with comprehensive technical solutions that are essential for professional turbo installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The company’s e-learning, live learning and technical stories related to turbos are available at and for more information about its turbo offering, visit

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