05 Mar 2024

NFDA “severely concerned” by London ULEZ scrappage scheme

The NFDA has decried the launch of a £110 million vehicle scrappage scheme that will coincide with expansion of London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in August.

NFDA Chief Executive Sue Robinson commented: “Whilst the NFDA supports and is encouraged by the London Mayor’s decision to provide a financial incentive towards exchanging ageing and non-compliant vehicles for newer, greener modes of transport, we are severely concerned that this will not be enough and the scheme will continue to have negative implications for a large proportion of motorists. The total budget allocated for the scrappage scheme will not be sufficient to make an impact the level at which the Mayor is expecting.

“By increasing the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone to the entirety of London, it is forcing the residents of London to make a decision before they are ready. During a period of unprecedented financial struggle and in the midst of a cost of living crisis, families of low income may not be ready to make a transition to a newer vehicle even with the scrappage scheme.”

She added: “NFDA remains firmly against the decision to extend the ULEZ, or at least the timescale of enforcement is far too soon. Without the availability of government incentives and the commitment for more investment towards EV infrastructure to adequately prepare London for a complete transfer to EV adoption, this restriction to older ICE and diesel vehicles should not be implemented.”