21 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

NFDA urges talks over new safety standards blueprint

Transport secretary Mark Harper has unveiled a post-Brexit strategy outlining the government’s new approach to ensuring that vehicles and components meet safety and environmental standards before being placed on the market.

The ‘Vision for GB Type Approval’, revealed by Harper (pictured) yesterday, follows the UK’s departure from the EU — which the government said gave it the freedom to rethink the ‘type approval’ rules for all cars, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles sold in the UK.

While the UK was a member of the EU, type approval was administered by the European Commission. Now, the type approval regulatory framework is under UK jurisdiction.

Harper said the UK’s new ‘vision’, which is now open for consultation with industry leaders and others, would maintain high standards of safety and environmental protection and, wherever possible, “reduce the administrative burden of demonstrating compliance with regulations”.

National Franchised Dealers Association chief executive Sue Robinson said yesterday she welcomed the government’s announcement, but stressed collaboration with industry was essential.

She said: “It is crucial that the government works closely with key industry stakeholders on GB Type Approval to ensure a fine balance is struck — particularly addressing the delicate position of Northern Ireland and ensuring the UK market remains attractive to European car manufacturers.

“NFDA looks forward to working and engaging with the government in developing a GB Type Approval which works for franchised dealers.”