12 Jul 2024
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No surprises, just solutions: No extra fees with Hella Gutmann

Say no to hidden diagnostic costs.

Navigating hidden diagnostic costs and unexpected fees is frustrating. At Hella Gutmann, we believe in a different approach, one that puts transparency and simplicity at the forefront.

Say goodbye to surprise expenses. Our diagnostic packages offer a single price that covers everything you need, without any hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Cyber security is included at no extra cost, you get access to extensive technical data, and there’s no additional fees for ADAS calibration!

 Eliminate hidden diagnostic costs

  • Cyber Security Management (CSM): Our CSM grants licence holders diagnostic security gateway access to restricted vehicle data without the hassle of multiple manufacturer registrations. Simply authenticate once and enjoy seamless access whenever you need it, without added expense.
  • Technical data: Get instant access to technical data for over 35,000 vehicle models, including service schedules, wiring diagrams, and component test values. It’s an invaluable resource!
  • ADAS calibration: mega macs devices handle ADAS calibration effortlessly, guiding you through each vehicle-specific process and providing detailed documentation for peace of mind. This comes at no extra charge for licence holders.

Ready to discover a new standard in automotive diagnostics? Contact us today to learn more about our mega macs range and how it can benefit your business.

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