21 Jun 2024
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Oosting succeeds Berryman as chairman of VLS

Harald Oosting has taken over from Jacquie Berryman as chairman of independent trade body Verification of Lubricant Specifications UK (VLS).

A VLS spokesperson told Aftermarket yesterday that Oosting, currently president and CEO of lubricant data supplier Olyslager, has been involved in the lubricants industry for more than 20 years.

He has been a member of the VLS Board since 2018 and is VP and director of the UK Lubricants Association, a post he has held since 2017.

Oosting is also a former account manager for motor factors at Shell and sales manager at Alcar Benelux.

VLS said Oosting will support the lubricants industry through the transition to alternative fuels, the implementation of Euro 7 and future ACEA changes, as well as maintain VLS’s track record in managing non-compliance.

“VLS provides certainty and consistency in the treatment of lubricant performance claims of finished lubricants being placed on the open market in the UK,” Oosting said.

“I can optimise the value that VLS brings to the lubricant sector in the UK through the use of reliable data to aid better decision-making in the handling of cases under investigation and support the move to a more rigorous process of investigation of companies making claims against market standards and OEM specifications.”