15 Jul 2024
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Proposed MOT changes risk keeping 300,000 unsafe vehicles on UK roads

Moving the first MOT from a vehicle’s third birthday to when it turns four could mean that around 300,000 unsafe vehicles would be allowed to traverse the UK’s roads, the IAAF has warned with the deadline for responses to the government’s MOT Consultation now just six days away.

DVSA figures cited by the IAAF show 300,000 vehicles fail their first MOT test at three years. Tyres are one of the most common failure items for all vehicle types.57% of all electric vehicles fail their first test on tyres, compared with 35% for diesel vehicles and 37% for petrol vehicles.

IAAF Chief Executive Mark Field observed: “Moving the first MOT test to four years gives motorists the false perception that vehicles are more reliable when the data says otherwise. It also potentially means motorists face worsening problems, higher repair bills and more polluting vehicles if cars remain unchecked for longer periods.”

The government MOT consultation on whether to extend the date of the first test closes next Wednesday (22 March). For more information, visit: www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/D7M1RW/