18 Apr 2024

Refreshed branding for Castrol

Castrol has refreshed its branding, maintaining the red, green and white, but with what it considers to be a more up-to-date look. The refresh also includes a new sonic identity, with music and sound.

Castrol worked with branding and design agency Landor & Fitch and leading sonic branding agency MassiveMusic to develop its refreshed brand identity.

Commenting on the rebranding, Castrol’s Chief Marketing Officer Nicola Buck said: “We are excited to launch our refreshed brand, which represents an exciting chapter for our company. The worlds of mobility and industry are facing faster-than-ever changes as the world transforms and aims for net zero, and customers want more sustainable solutions. Change is vital for Castrol to thrive. We’re signalling to the world that we are set for the future.”

Castrol CEO Michelle Jou added: “A refreshed brand should not be just a cosmetic exercise; in my view it’s a strategic imperative that drives growth, differentiation, and long-term success.”

The updated brand identity will be introduced gradually across Europe during 2023 and 2024. Ultimately it will be seen on all product packaging, service partnership programmes, facilities, online and offline marketing, and sponsorship activities.