28 Feb 2024

REPEXPERT team offers Tea-Break Training

Bite-size training short enough to take in during a teabreak is being offered by Schaeffler’s REPXPERT team from next week.

The new ‘Tea-Break Training’  programme will  offer sessions in bite-size chunks, with three different starting times ford additional flexibility.

Launching the programme is ‘What’s Hot in Cooling’, which will take place on Tuesday 12 January at 12:30 and on Wednesday 13 January at 12:30 and 18:30. Schaeffler Technical Manager Alistair Mason will be offering an insight into water pumps, including material and sealing technology, plus how to diagnose common cooling system problems, installation tips and workshop best practice. This will be the first in a series of three modules on the cooling system, with two more featuring in upcoming Tea-Break Training sessions.

Attendance is being limited to ensure a solid connection and allow time for all attendees to ask questions, and each live module will only be available for two days.

 “Each module should take around 20 minutes, including time for a quick Q&A” said Senior REPXPERT and Schaeffler Technical Manager Alistair Mason. “The idea is that technicians can learn something extremely useful during the time it normally takes to make a brew and take a quick break from the workshop.”

Registration links are available on the REPXPERT website, as well as via social media posts and newsletters sent to members plus anybody who has attended a Schaeffler REPXPERT Academy or any other Schaeffler training event. Information on all future Tea-Break training sessions will appear first on the REPXPERT website: www.repxpert.co.uk