25 May 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Rising costs and vehicle electrification make staff training a priority

MAHLE is warning garages that, as the vehicle parc electrifies, and ever-stricter legal frameworks evolve, they need to make ongoing staff training should be a major priority.

Ongoing geopolitical uncertainty and progressive technological advancement across the vehicle also make this essential.

Commenting on the impact of these trends, Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President & General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket, said: “The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation with e-mobility solutions.

“The trend towards e-mobility has the potential to push drivers away from independent repairers. Small automotive repair businesses will have to invest thousands of pounds in order to effectively repair and maintain electric vehicles, while also being able to offer affordable services to motorists.”

He added: “MAHLE Aftermarket is positioning itself accordingly to support small businesses with the adoption of new products and services, designed to ensure that they remain the dominant choice for vehicle servicing and repair.”