24 Feb 2024

Schaeffler REPXPERT Academy Live returns in October

The next REPXPERT Academy Live roadshow from Schaeffler is being held at Tameside College in Ashton-under-Lyne on Saturday 21 October 2023.

Doors will open at 9am for breakfast and registration, with training sessions running from 10am to 4pm with Complimentary lunch and refreshments provided. Because the event is run in partnership with IMI, CPD points can be claimed by all visitors.

Classroom sessions will cover double clutch technology and belt drive systems respectively, with all four training sessions available for all attendees through the day. Bosch will be offering a diagnostics mini masterclass in the workshop, while Andy Savva, The Garage Inspector, covers workshop business best practice.

Meanwhile, the workshop hub will feature guests from the IMI and Tameside College, along with TechMan, Garage Services Online, Laser Tools and Motul.

Matt Selby, Sales and Marketing Director for Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket (UK) said: “We believe that REPXPERT Academy LIVE is the perfect platform for technicians and garage owners wanting to enhance their knowledge of the latest products, tools, and hints and tips from Schaeffler”

Schaeffler Marketing Communications Manager Jeff Earl added: “As with all our previous Academy Live events, we expect the classes to be full and the workshop buzzing with delegates taking the opportunity to network with like-minded workshop professionals as well as engaging with our guest suppliers.”

For more information, visit: www.repxpert.co.uk

To register for the Tameside event, go to: https://click.agilitypr.delivery/ls/click?upn=Cg58G-2B2lNXfrl-2Fsf4AdQaf85yeONHrtsoBrkR3OjDZaarr1iEChoAjS03k3nFaLLQTk6og0-2F0M0z-2FoQJUd4A8A-3D-3Dm0U0_3qp6SlVLBSnmeZF4vgCczeMDlsOXyjyuZGxVK-2Bq8NcelIgETu4NL06vvXFKOOG1v4eVoUlB9pghgsYWCW9q6WpLLmeKxzMv53svv5n-2FjbiUUhZVFTP8SysctH71Ee0nyNx-2BlhcZlazYQG50MJVsLr4IScrIFow8-2Fk1hs6kud6IiME8iWIuAGMbs4KdZFkN5gILQ6utXLgduYKNFX-2FDeXkIPAUTEgecAKis-2BZNID9sxg7HnZytgPSiIB9pW3F7YOnHbfCcf1SMZ-2FzEZoDeSk4pnTzb909dkxXW4-2FmVEeAtPuE98GQ2ZGfibXrJTU5EQeGDxMS0elifwitvCbpfu5-2FjuNhel5EQDKGTJls-2BMO2l5JyL2w218c8fOg-2FXmQY2qPHSmaIxZvgxj17jFpISxWa2uf7PcrQEA65Onq6rRiOFPQ9cyycHQVcLAvLF4bfl-2FkQ1PyLkkTiZFjRwRNE4Bj-2FDQ-3D-3D