12 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Sector organisations back Top Technician and Top Garage

Top Technician and Top Garage have received the backing of a host of major motor sector organisations.

ABC Awards, the Garage Equipment Association (GEA), the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) and the Independent Garage Association (IGA) are all official supporters of the competitions.

“ABC Awards remains committed to supporting the professionalisation of the industry and are delighted to be endorsing the Top Technician and Top Garage competitions 2018. Our high quality qualifications and services help to ensure technicians remain competent and knowledgeable about the industry. We wish everybody competing in the competitions the very best of luck.”

Paul Eeles, chief executive, ABC Awards

“The GEA have always supported initiatives that encourage motor vehicle technicians to learn about the design and function of today’s systems, so therefore we got right behind the Top Tech awards. The Top Garage award is a great idea as it encourages the business to support technicians by providing them with the ideal environment, equipment and tools to enable them to do their job. Both of these competitions will provide a competitive framework and drive both technician and garage forward, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Dave Garratt, chief executive, Garage Equipment Association (GEA)

“The IAAF is a huge believer in championing the calibre and skills of the aftermarket’s workforce, so we’re delighted to give our support to Top Technician and Top Garage. It is these individuals and businesses that are going to be particularly adept at dealing with the challenging opportunities the industry faces over the coming years.”

Wendy Williamson, chief executive, Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF)

“The IGA is delighted to be backing these two competitions that celebrate the best technical talent and independent businesses in the industry. Showcasing the vital, often underappreciated work that garages and technicians take on in order to keep this country running will further strengthen consumer confidence in the sector.”

Stuart James, director, Independent Garage Association (IGA)

Top Technician and Top Garage 2018 will begin during December, and is sponsored by Snap-on.