15 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Shift to EVs to accelerate says new LKQ Euro Car Parts CEO

The shift to EVs will accelerate over the next 12 months, the new Chief Executive of LKQ UK & Ireland Kevan Wooden, has predicted, and he also anticipates that as a result more independent garages will need to  their money into equipment and skills to enable them to service EVs.

He also said that parts makers, factors and chains must also double-down on the EV front in the face of VMs needing to make sure 22% of new vehicles sold are EVs.

 Kevan Wooden observed: “The EV transition will continue to influence motor factors’ and independent garages’ direction of travel in 2024. Simply put, those that fail to prepare risk falling behind in the market, with plug-in vehicles representing a major, growing share of all new and used car sales.”

Kevan also expects more garages to shift over to fixing and maintaining EV batteries.

LKQ Academy is also ramping up its training EV and hybrid training offering through 2024.

According to Kevan, the modernisation of the independent could also help address the industry skills crisis: “The transition to EVs represents a multifaceted challenge, from upskilling thousands of technicians UK-wide – to finding innovative solutions for fixing and maintaining these vehicles. We’ll continue to rise to this challenge and to support independent garages, with 2024 representing a pivotal year for progress – despite the ICE ban delay to 2035.”

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