21 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

The shape of things to come

Niterra UK is here to look at future developments heading your way, and what they will mean when they hit the workshop

Engine and exhaust management can be a formidable task, including working through multiple symptomatic issues to finally reveal the heart of the fault. This can include sensor diagnosis and fitment as part of a high-quality repair. Such a small thing as sensors can make a huge difference to the dark art of emissions management.

The increasing desire for emissions compliance for more than just an annual roadworthiness test is pulling focus on the workshop’s emission management know-how. For instance, it matters when it comes to selling the vehicle, and quite rightly vehicle owners will feel very strongly about looking after one of the bigger investment pieces in their life. It is also a viable eco-friendly strategy to keep existing vehicles on the road for longer and maintaining them to optimum emissions standards.

It’s reassuring for garage customers to have their technicians well informed about exhaust management, as often the workshop needs to enter into a teammate type working relationship with the vehicle owner, including agreeing investigation time and even exploring DPF-saving strategies together. Technician confidence about where to start and why paves the way to a smooth customer service experience.

The serious business of tackling exhaust management is the shape of things to come for the NTK portfolio. A new group of exhaust pressure sensors will be rounding out NTK’s engine management offering, including exhaust pressure sensors (EPS), differential pressure sensors (DPS) and high-pressure sensors (HPS). The new exhaust sensors make the perfect accompaniment to the existing exhaust offering making the NTK portfolio a go-to solution for technician confidence in the parts selected.

So why does starting small matter? Firstly, it could prevent jumping to worst case, and expensive-case, scenarios which can be quite a pain point for the vehicle owner and hard for them to understand the technical rationale behind the work. Starting with sensors can empower much needed accurate diagnostics, as well as optimum on-board management for the driver. A high performing sensor like those in the NTK range can also help prevent additional damage to related components like turbos and filters through fast and reliable measurement. Finally, sometimes it can be the required repair itself, cutting through the uncertainty from a mix of fault symptoms.
Becca Knight, Marketing Manager for Niterra UK commented: “Exhaust management is no longer the reserve of a specialist garage- all workshops need to be prepared to tackle emissions as part of their core service offering. The sensors currently in our portfolio, and the new range coming by the end of 2023, furnishes workshops with market-leading precision and performance so they can offer the best repairs for their customers.”

Also available from Niterra UK is the online Training Academy, helping technicians upskill and up-confidence in exhaust and engine sensors, standard servicing, hybrid technology, and so much more at ngkacademy.com. Starting small with the skills and the knowledge is one of the best ways to tackle emissions-readiness head on and to show your customer’s that they and their vehicle are in safe hands.

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