12 Jul 2024
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Thinkcar UK’s Euro Expert 195 is ‘must-have’ tool for 2024

Thinkcar UK’s latest tool release is the Euro Expert 195, which the company expects to become its best-selling and must-have tool for 2024 and beyond.

This mid-range tool is a nine-inch professional diagnostic pad offering THINKLINK Lite VCI for £1,350 plus VAT, including two years of software updates.

“We expect the Euro Expert 195 will be one of our best-sellers this year,” said Alex Gillbanks, MD of Impact Diagnostics, the specialist supplier behind Thinkcar UK.”

Gillbanks said the tool also offers Topology mode and in-built TPMS programming.

Euro Expert 195 provides comprehensive system functionality and supports DO IP and CAN FD protocols and retains the sleek, functional design of its predecessor.

This ensures seamless compatibility with a range of external modules such as printers, battery testers, thermal imager and worklights. It also comes with a TPMS programmer to work with Thinkcar’s universal TPMS valves.

Euro Expert 195 is also a gateway into Thinkcar UK’s ecosystem of garages offering remote diagnostics.