12 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

TPS: Quantum oils now offering its largest-ever range

Manufactured to the highest quality and designed to operate under the toughest conditions, Quantum Oil is suitable for 95% of all vehicles on UK roads, including electric and hybrid vehicles for a range of manufacturers.
The Platinum Plus 0W-20 is the most recently added oil to the suite of products available. Platinum Plus 0W-20 is a new oil designed for more modern, economical engines. With its OV 040 1547 approval, as well as Volkswagen Group Brands it can be used in various BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo models.
Dave Smith, Volkswagen Aftersales Product Manager for Fluids and Lubricants, said: “The Platinum Plus 0W-20 is our most recently added oil and is an excellent addition to the Quantum range. We now have the widest range of Quantum oils ever available and with it the reassurance for customers that TPS can offer the most comprehensive set of options whatever the requirements of their vehicle fleet and servicing needs.”
Within the current Quantum oil range, the LongLife, Platinum, Ultra and Synta oil sub-brands all provide a choice of options suitable for both petrol and diesel cars and for vehicles with long service intervals and specific engine requirements. Products such as Longlife IV 0W-20, Platinum Plus 23 5W-30, Synta D1 5W-30 and Ultra P 0W-30, offer better or improved fuel economy and excellent wear and engine protection through the use of advanced additive technology.
The Quantum oils are also available in a range of pack options including 1L, 5L, 20L, 208L and bulk to support all sizes and needs of a workshop. The 5L and 20L pack sizes come in Cube form, a single-use, recyclable packaging system, offering both reduced disposal costs for customers and a reduced impact on the environment.
TPS also has its handy oil finder tool to help ensure that you’re using the right oil every time. By simply entering the vehicle reg at tps.trade/oil-search you’ll be given all the information you need.
The Quantum oils range is available from your local TPS Centre. For further information visit:tps.trade/products/oil