12 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

TRICO reminds on summer staycation wiper opportunity

With summer upon us and family roadtrips in the offing, TRICO is reminding garages that checking wiper blades and upselling is a major seasonal opportunity.

According to Valentin Neagu, Product and Technical Support Manager – Wipers AM,the post-pandemic rise in staycations makes the opportunity even greater: “Staycations are so popular, but drivers should be aware of their vehicle’s health and should ensure the most safety crucial components are in good condition before setting off on a long journey. It should only take a few minutes to change wiper blades and it could be the difference between a driver seeing clearly through a storm, or not at all.

“We recommend changing wiper blades at least once a year, so technicians and factors should have the confidence to discuss the reliability of a driver’s wiper blades and potentially make a sale and ensure they are kept in optimum condition.”

Valentin added: “Workshops and factors should continue looking for opportunities to upsell products no matter what the weather, and as wiper blades are such a safety critical component, it should be an easy sell.”