15 Jun 2024
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Turbocharge UK competitiveness to win Race to Zero says SMMT report

The UK’s capacity to compete as a leader in EV production could be at risk if government does not immediately react in the face of a increasingly competitive international market , the SMMT has warned via a new blueprint.

Race to Zero: Powering Up Britain’s EV Supply Chain points to what it defines as the UK’s inherent strengths in advanced automotive manufacturing, low carbon energy and R&D, but indicates the need for a rapid response to initiatives worldwide including the $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act in the U.SA.A and the EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan. The blueprint sets out a Green Automotive Transformation strategy that could place Britain as one of the world’s most competitive locations for advanced automotive manufacturing, matching its world-leading market ambition to end the sale of non-zero emission cars and vans in 2035, with investment, regulation and trade as the key pillars to anchor future vehicle production in Britain.
Commenting on the report, SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes said: “Britain boasts a firm foundation of EV production, backed by low carbon energy, outstanding R&D and a highly skilled and productive workforce. We must not squander these advantages. With other parts of the world turbocharging their support for the zero emission vehicle transition, we need to step up to compete in this global race. Every part of the country has a stake in the switch and with fast, decisive action we can deliver for Britain the growth, jobs and green prosperity this country deserves.”

To download the report, visit: www.smmt.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/SMMT-Race-to-Zero-report.pdf