21 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

UKS/TRICO partnership continues to prosper

UKS has been reflecting on the success of its relationship with TRICO, as the partnership nears the four-year mark.

UKS Managing Director Geoff Jones said: “We enjoy a tremendous relationship with TRICO and wiper blades fits in so well with our product offering. Our clients continue to ask for a recognised brand and what better than the company and brand that invented the wiper blade over 100 years ago.

UKS distribute four of the TRICO product ranges:TRICO Exact Fit, TRICO Flex,TRICO Neoform and TRICO TX.

Geoff continued: “Our TRICO order books are still growing and there’s no doubt of its quality and globally recognised brand. I’m confident that we have some of the very best brands and product behind us at UKS and TRICO is a perfect example of that.”

Valentin Neagu, Product and Technical Support Manager – Wipers AM for TRICO, added: “I’m delighted to see how UKS has increased TRICO sales in the UK. We are here to provide our trade customers and ultimately the consumer with top quality wiper blades. At TRICO, we continue to update our product offerings across the globe. UKS believes in the same ethics as we do at TRICO and our partnership will only continue to grow.”