22 May 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Unique collaborative remote diagnostics offering from Thinkcar UK is changing the game

Diagnostics has been taken to the next level via Thinkcar UK’s pioneering new remote offering, through which an ecosystem of Thinkcar workshops support each other with access to vehicle manufacturer level diagnostics, including live guidance, and the growing network continues to expand. 

All garages in the Thinkcar UK network share their diagnostic knowledge. Workshops looking for support can send queries to all the other businesses in the network or to a specific garage. Thinkcar’s remote diagnostic solution extends across many of its devices, including the Thinkcar Max, Thinkcar X10S, Thinkcar X5, and the recently added Euro Master X.

“We have a tool for every budget and with Thinkcar UK ’s remote programming services, no vehicle repair is beyond the capabilities of an independent garage,” said Alex Gillbanks, managing director of Impact Diagnostics, the supplier behind Thinkcar UK. “Our aim is to empower technicians to profitably service the needs of today’s car parc.”

The company has been providing the technical back-up for a number of tool providers for some years now. “Thinkcar UK might be a relatively new name to the UK market,” said Alex, “but they have been making white label tools for other brands for some time, and their kit shares DNA with some of the more established brands in the UK.”

This is combined with the support coming from Impact Diagnostics. “When you buy Thinkcar UK equipment, you will also get stellar back-up from an established company, which means full support and access to our wider offering, such as our market-leading remote diagnostics.”

To access technical support, technicians just tap ‘remote diagnosis’ on their device. Text, images and diagnostic reports can be exchanged throughout. With the Thinktool X10S and X5, video and voice guidance can be offered as well.

“The Thinktool X10S and X5 serve as the ultimate ‘phone a friend’ diagnostic system,” said Alex. “They fully embody Thinkcar’s philosophy of quick, easy, and efficient diagnostics and repairs.”

Thinkcar’s remote diagnostics solution addresses the age-old issue of data access.

“It means you benefit from other garages that may already have access to manufacturer diagnostic subscriptions,” said Alex. “They’ll be able to programme, calibrate and help through a direct connection with the car via a Thinkcar vehicle communication interface (VCI).” 

For garages offering their knowledge within the network, it also offers a handy additional revenue scheme: “Users agree a suitable fee for the service,” said Alex, “so it’s a win-win for everyone, and we’re seeing a lot of uptake.”

That’s not all though. Thanks to Thinkcar UK’s ongoing collaboration with YouTube channel Mechanic Mindset, Thinkcar UK customers automatically receive a three month free subscription to the new Mechanic Mindset training app.

Thinkcar UK is also in the process of expanding the reach of its remote diagnostics network. “Garages and technicians interested in joining to share their knowledge should get in touch with Thinkcar UK,” said Alex.

For further information about Thinkcar remote diagnostics and to see the complete Thinkcar range click here: https://www.thinkcar.uk/