21 Jun 2024
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Vehicle recalls added to MOT digital services

Real-time vehicle recall information is now being included within MOT Testing Service (MTS), the vehicle’s MOT history, MOT reminders and the MOT certificate, with 47% of the cars on UK roads covered as of now.

The service will provide testers and motorists daily recall data in real-time, thanks to the support of VMs, including Toyota, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen Group
and Mercedes-Benz. Existing monthly SMMT data will cover vehicles from carmakers not yet taking part, but this will not appear on the MOT certificate.

The improvements will first appear from today (Wednesday 19 July) and will initially be on MTS and on motorists’ MOT certificates. From Wednesday 16 August, for the MOT history service, motorists will receive a prompt when they enter the registration of a vehicle that has an outstanding recall. Motorists will also receive a recall prompt alongside their MOT reminder if applicable .

Also from August, if a customer has an outstanding safety recall when they bring their vehicle to test, testers will be prompted via an ‘interrupt’ screen, enabling tester to encourage the customer to address the recall. In addition, the MOT certificate will feature an additional section stating the vehicle is currently subject to a safety recall.

Commenting on the move, DVSA Head of MOT Policy Chris Price said: “I’m really pleased that we can announce this latest improvement to our MOT digital services. We want to improve safety recall rectification rates. Providing ‘live’ recall data, and marking it more available to motorists, will further help everyone to keep vehicles safe to drive on Britain’s roads.”