21 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

24-hour delivery people: Pro-Align trials new rapid service for core product

Pro-Align is trialling a new delivery service that will put all orders for the Hunter TCX54 Tyre Changer with Bead Press System in transit and operational at a garage within 24 hours.

Pro-Align CEO Clive Seabrook observed: “We’re excited to be launching our fast delivery to both new and existing customers. This will help streamline our own customer service as well as helping our customers do the same for theirs. What’s important about this new service is how quickly our customers can start using the equipment to make their business more money. Some of our existing customers have told us about the frustration of ordering equipment from other companies and having to wait weeks or even months before they even start reaping the rewards, often leaving them extremely frustrated with the provider.”

Clive added: “As our industry continues to evolve, we believe it is important to diversify our delivery service to ensure demand is being met quickly and efficiently, as it is in other industries.”

If the trial is successful, Pro-Align will expand the service to its other wheel servicing products.

For more information, visit: www.pro-align.co.uk