05 Mar 2024

32% fear EVs will price them off the road

32% of motorists fear they could be priced off the road by the shift to EVs because they will not be able to afford an electric car, a survey of 2,000 motorists has suggested.

The Opinium survey, commissioned by InsuretheGap.com, also found that that 37% think the government subsidy for EVs should be reinstated. 26% would like to buy an electric car for environmental reasons, but 20% say they like driving with gears and thus do not want an EV. Over 65s, at 25% are the most likely to want to stick with gears, while under-34s at 15% are less bothered. 5% believe driving an EV is not good for their image.

Commenting on the survey, Ben Wooltorton, from InsuretheGap, said: “Price entry point with electric cars is clearly concerning for people and we expect this to be further exacerbated as uncertainty over energy prices continues. Electric cars are the future for all new purchases from 2030 but there are still considerable barriers for drivers to overcome first.”