12 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

ADAS: Staying within the lines

How protected is your business when something goes wrong with ADAS repair?

By Phil Peace, Managing Director, Repairify

ADAS repairs can be complex, and no repairer sets out to complete a bad repair. However, sometimes, due to the intricacies of vehicle technology, an ADAS repair can prove challenging, and mistakes can be made, risking the safety of the driver and other motorists on the road.

Usually, a workshop’s public liability insurance will cover the business in this situation. However, having the reassurance of a global insurance policy on the basis that OE methods have been followed during the repair, provides complete protection and peace of mind for a repairer.

Repairify does just that. Critically, our remote services are fully underwritten by worldwide insurance and our IMI-trained technicians employ OEM tools and methods to guide repairers through ADAS repairs. Using the chat function on the Repairify app, which is fully translatable to cope with our global footprint, the whole process is recorded via a written transcript which would fully support any claim that is made. The online application is accessed by the technician on his/her tablet whilst at the vehicle and is wholly interactive and is assisted by our IMI-trained technicians through the end-to-end process.

Having a technology partner who provides global technical support and reassurance is a step towards ensuring repairers can carry out ADAS repairs safely and with confidence.