12 Jul 2024
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Alloy wheel fixes surge amid ‘plague of potholes’

Demand for alloy wheel fixes are soaring as a ‘pothole plague’ continues to wreak havoc on Britain’s roads, according to latest data from Revive! Auto Innovations.

The company, which offers a mobile service for minor bodywork and alloy wheel damage, said on June 19 it had seen a 58% increase in alloy wheel fixes over the past two years, with repair jobs rising from just over 8,000 in 2021 to in excess of 12,600 last year.

A staggering 41% of the company’s fixes, which included bodywork dents, scuffs and scratch repairs, now involve alloy wheel repairs — up from 33% just two years ago, Revive! said.

The company claims that potholes are largely to blame for the increase in wheel repairs, with many of their customers pointing the finger at poor road conditions.

Alloy wheel damage is very often associated with a sudden jolt from hitting a pothole, causing scraping or chips in the metal, the company said.

Revive! MD Mark Llewellyn said: “If your alloy wheels become damaged due to hitting a pothole, not only will this affect the overall cosmetic appearance of your car, but damaged alloy wheels could cause issues in terms of losing traction and control, as well as loss of tyre pressure.”

Paul Boss, chief executive of the Road Surface Treatments Association, said: “The only way we are going to stop further damage to cars is by taking a more proactive approach to road maintenance.

“This means preserving and protecting roads to reduce future potholes and filling existing ones to ensure safer and smoother travel. Any future government needs to take note of this if they want to solve this ever-growing problem.”