23 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Autodata adds stop-start system information

Stop-start systems are becoming more commonplace in vehicles, as manufacturers look to include as much fuel-saving technology as possible to win sales. Yet this is another new system that needs to be repaired should something go wrong.

Autodata has enhanced its online product offering to include technical information on vehicles with stop-start technology. Since its commercial debut in the late 1990s with BMW, today, many manufacturers offer the system as an optional extra. This represents a new revenue stream for maintenance and repair by independent workshops.

The technical information provided by Autodata on its online system enables technicians to identify the specific location of key elements such as the main battery, additional battery and the stop-start capacitor. Procedures for disconnecting and reconnecting each element are clearly explained along with additional information for servicing the system.

There are a number of complexities with stop-start systems, including the number of different types of the technology available. The advanced battery technology can also be complex, and difficult for a number of technicians, old and new, to identify.

Rod Williams, Autodata’s Chief Executive, comments: “Our job is to help maximise efficiency and ensure automotive professionals execute repairs correctly every time. We embrace the technological advancements taking place in automotive design and we pass our knowledge onto our customers to ensure they are in position to boost their businesses.

“It is not just about saving time on each job, we hope that our customers will never have to turn down business or be daunted by new technologies.”