13 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Ben launches Race Across Britain challenge

Ben has launched a new challenge, Race Across Britain, inspired by the BBC TV series Race Across the World, which is taking place early next year.

Ben is challenging those in the sector to form teams to undertake the three-day contest from 26– 28 February 2024. The event, which is being supported by LKQ Euro Car Parts, will see up to 50 teams of two people looking to reach checkpoints throughout Britain, with the added challenge of staying within a tight budget that must cover all food, travel and accommodation. They will not know the checkpoints beforehand so will be unable to plan or pre-book travel or accommodation.

Those taking part cannot drive themselves, but, but can use public transport, or cycle, run or walk. Extra challenges along the way will be set that will enable the teams to boost their budget.

Matt Wigginton, Director of Partnerships, Engagement and Income, said: “We’re so excited to launch this new and epic race next year! With no planes, no smart phones and no plans, Ben’s Race Across Britain is set to be frenetic and lots of fun. It’ll be a true test of ingenuity, resolve and anyone and everyone in our industry can take part. Race Across Britain is a brilliant way to show your support for our automotive family, and every penny raised will make a positive difference to people’s lives. Get involved!”

Andy Hamilton, Group Chief Executive Officer at LKQ Euro Car Parts, added: “Once again, Ben has pulled out all the stops to create a fun and engaging event to raise critical money for their vital services. As the automotive industry’s charity partner, we’d be lost without them. It’s a pleasure for LKQ Euro Car Parts to sponsor their Race Across Britain event. We’re looking forward to seeing some of you at the starting line!”

For more information or to sign up, visit: https://ben.org.uk/get-involved/do-it-4-ben/race-across-britain/