21 Jun 2024
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BORG Automotive Group publishes ESG report

BORG Automotive Group has published its ESG report for 2022, which looks at its progress through the year in terms of environment, social and governance achievement.

Looking at environment, the company managed to reduce CO2 emissions from purchased energy by 2.6% while still growing, although total emissions increased by 4.5% due to company acquisitions. BORG Automotive Group aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. On the social side, the company is looking to increase accident prevention after recording .1 accidents per million hours worked in 2022, an increase of 1.8 over 2021, with a view of getting down to 8.4 in 2025. On the governance front, the company improved IT security and user awareness, and also established an e-learning platform for anti-corruption training.

Commenting on the ESG report, BORG Automotive Group CEO Kim Kruse Andersen said: “Our parent company Schouw & Co. attaches importance to transparency in the area of sustainable and socially responsible corporate governance. And we, too, have always taken corporate responsibility seriously. For us, publishing this report on a voluntary basis is simply a matter of being transparent about how we do business.”